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Shefayim Hotel - a fun experience for the whole family

In the center of the country, close to everywhere, the hotel is immersed amidst vast green lawns, enchanting flowered gardens, and is close to the sea shore, the “Sharon Coast” nature reserve, and the “Huzot Shefayim” shopping and attractions center.

The hotel includes 145 spacious and pleasant rooms, which enable you to enjoy a business holiday or a private holiday, together with a Water Park open during the summer months, which offers a multitude of attractions for all vacationers.

Many holiday opportunities are possible in the hotel, and all that at only 15 mn. from Tel-Aviv and 7 mn. from Nathanya, with plenty of free parking space !

Business holiday at the Shefayim Hotel

The Shefayim Hotel offers a special hosting experiment to business people, including special deals at competitive prices. It is possible to combine a holiday with the Shefayim Conventions Center, which offers housing for managing committees, managers’ meetings, study days, exhibitions, launching of new products, as well as a whole range of social events.