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Shefayim Hotel


In the center of the country, close to everywhere, the hotel is immersed amidst vast green lawns, enchanting flowered gardens, and is close to the sea shore, the “Sharon Coast” nature reserve, and the “Huzot Shefayim” shopping and attractions center.
The hotel includes 145 spacious and pleasant rooms, which enable you to enjoy a business holiday or a private holiday, together with a Water Park open during the summer months, which offers a multitude of attractions for all vacationers.



 The Shefayim Conventions Center offers a wide range of halls for any purpose : conventions, seminars, study days, products launching, ceremonies, social events, managers’ meetings, and more.
 The wide green lawns surrounding the Conventions Center present a real advantage and enable any wanted combination between various halls and the equipments and accessories therein.


When the catering is of high quality and tasty to the palate, when the house designer escorts you and offers to fulfill all of your dreams, when you find it hard to decide what is preferable ? An open wonderful garden, or an impressive hall, when nature envelops you all around, and all that in the center of the country – then you understand that your choice was the right one. It was evident from the start.