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Shefayim hotel - Kibbutz Shefayim

Vacation, experience, business, nature and sea

Shefayim Hotel is a green island in the heart of the country where every family or romantic vacation, social getaway, or business accommodation becomes a perfect experience. Only fifteen minutes from Tel Aviv, in a convenient and accessible location, when you are surrounded by manicured lawns and blooming gardens, you will immediately feel the change in the atmosphere and the calmness in the air. The hotel has 140 spacious and pleasant rooms, professional and courteous hospitality staff, a restaurant that serves three varied meals with the freshest locally produced ingredients, a coffee bar that serves a dairy menu and, of course, free internet throughout the hotel and rooms.

Shefayim Hotel offers a holiday experience in a rural atmosphere for the whole family and a wonderful place surrounded by nature in the center for all types of conferences and events

Our rooms

The hotel has 140 spacious and pleasant rooms in a rural, calm and well-kept atmosphere and environment. Rooms in various accommodation categories, spacious country-style rooms for a family vacation. Spacious rooms with balconies and luxurious ground-level rooms with access to a lawn, situated in a secluded and romantic location that provides tranquility, privacy, and a pastoral atmosphere. Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and rooms. Close proximity to attractions, recreational activities, vacation spots, and the beach.

Business events at Shefayim

The conference center and the large auditorium are situated in the heart of a green environment, nestled between the sea and the fields.
The Shefayim conference complex offers everything you need for a successful conference. In the complex, it is possible to hold and conduct conferences, seminars, day conferences, yeshivas and workshops. The exceptional combination of the attractive location and professional services ensures a memorable and creative gathering experience. The complex is designed for gatherings of various sizes and diverse styles. The hotel and adjacent event garden venue expand the range of accommodation options according to your needs and preferences. You focus on the audience and content, we’ll take care of the rest.

Where business & pleasure combines

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Family vacation experience

At Shefayim Hotel, you will discover a vacation experience suitable for the whole family and any occasion. Adjacent to the operating seasonal Shefayim Water Park Hotel. A preschooler’s playground, a Playstation and video games room, seasonal inflatable events, and complimentary bicycle rentals for independent rides in the Sharon Beach Reserve or the surrounding vicinity. Moreover, there is a beach and sports complex with a food track – the perfect place for afternoon relaxation and coffee.
The hotel features a restaurant that serves three fresh and meticulous meals a day, as well as a coffee bar that is open all day, complete with a snooker table.
The hotel serves as an ideal accommodation solution for guests of the events garden in Shefayim, allowing them to conclude any joyful event with a peaceful stay at the hotel.